Environment, health and safety

AstaTech (Chengdu) Biopharmaceutical Corp. adheres to the national EHS laws and regulations and other requirements. The company has built waste water treatment stations with a capacity of 300t per day and exhaust VOCs and odor treatment systems, as well as the Process Safety Lab and Continuous Flow Reactors. The company has pass the EHS audit of Johnson & Johnson and participated in the certification program.

EHS Guidelines

- Offer the employees a safe and healthy working environment that protects them from injuries and occupational diseases and minimizes the environmental impacts.

- Be compliant with the laws, regulations and other requirements

- Improve continuously the performance in occupational health, environmental safety and quality

- Provide environmentally friendly and safe products and services

Source Control

- Consider the reduction of three wastes and evaluate the solvent recovery rate in the project R&D phase.

- Recover the solvent with four-stage condensers in the synthetic reactions.

- Established a Process Safety Lab to evaluate the thermal generation of hazardous reactions and provide the basis for risk control of chemical reactions.

End Treatment

- The company has been improving the environment, health and safety conditions ever since its establishment. Investment has been made to upgrade the waste water and exhaust gas VOCs treatment systems and renovate the ventilation systems.

- The three wastes generated are handled by companies with relevant qualifications.


- Front-end condensers and end treatment technologies are adopted, for instance, the inert gases are sealed, and absorber washers, oxygenolysis and active carbon absorption are used for waste gas treatment; and multi-dimensional electrolysis, hydrolysis, anaerobic and aerobic method for waste water treatment.