Environment, health and safety

EHS Guideline

AstaTech provide a healthy and safe working environment for employees, protecting them from injuries, occupational diseases and minimizes the environmental impacts.

-Comply with laws, regulations and other requirements.

-Continuously improve occupational health, safety and environmental performance.

-Provide customers environmentally friendly and safe products and services.

EHS-Environmental Protection

AstaTech commits to the development of green technology, adhere to environmental protection and sustainable development, adhere to the concept of clean production and scientific development, environmental protection as the company's social responsibility during development and growth. AstaTech gives priority to use Continuous Flow Reactors, enzyme catalytic technology and other green chemical processes; within the technical transformation and process optimization, and at the same time define the waste gas, waste water, waste solids; AstaTech upgrades technologies periodically. AstaTech has passed ISO14001 environmental management system certification.


AstaTech pays high attention to the health of employees, constantly improves the working environment; provides the physical examination and workplace hazard testing;train EHS expertise; improve professional skills and awareness. AstaTech providesoccupational health check-ups, and establish personal occupational health files.AstaTech has passed ISO14001 occupational health and safety management system certification.


"Safety first, prevention first, comprehensive treatment", which AstaTech always conducts as safe production policy, constantly enhance safety management concepts, mode and awareness. AstaTech has Chemical Process Safety Laboratory that equipped with instruments such as ARC, RC1, DSC, to conduct safety data analysis for all projects for manufacturing.