Synthetic Biology Platform

Synthetic Biology platform

As a frontier interdisciplinary subject, synthetic biology has broad application prospects in the fields of medicine, materials, chemical industry, energy and agriculture. Our company carries out research and development of new technologies for efficient soluble and secretory expression of heterologous genes, biosynthesis of secondary metabolites by heterologous host bacteria, and fine-regulation of fermentation by metabolic engineering means, so as to achieve green synthesis of high value-added products. Focus on the layout of skin care products (ecdoine, bothine and ergothioneine, etc.) and anti-aging products (PQQ, NMN, etc.), the future will also involve the biosynthesis of natural ingredients such as Chinese herbs.

Based on technological innovation, our company actively builds a domestic first-class synthetic biology technology and industrialization platform, and has in-depth exchanges and cooperation with universities and scientific research institutions. The R&D laboratory of 300 square meters has been built, and biological instruments and equipment including gel imager, enzyme standard instrument, fermenter, electroscope, and PCR have been purchased, with a total amount of about 5 million RMB, and the site under construction will put into use in the first half of 2024