Special Reactions

Special Reactions

1.Sulfur phosgene reaction

The sulfur phosgene reaction technology in AstaTech synthesizes sulfur phosgene in a continuous flow manner, with fast speed and high product concentration. In situ generation and direct use for subsequent reactions to avoid the risk of sulfur phosgene separation, leakage, and transportation. Realized Intrinsic safety of production

At present, there are very few producers in China who have mastered the mature process of sulfur phosgene, and AstaTech has completed the stable supply of tonnage products

And formed a series of downstream products, for a number of different isothiocyanate varieties have the corresponding process and mature production supply, especially combined with continuous flow, folding process and other means, in the domestic leading level.


2.Chlorination Reaction

Chlorination technology in AstaTech combined with new green technologies such as continuous flow, through intrinsically safe design, small on-line quantity, closed and controllable system. By-products and exhaust gas can be handled safely in a timely manner. At the same time, combined with photocatalytic chlorination technology, the reaction effect control is better than the kettle.

Continuous flow chlorination in domestic is mostly in the research and development stage. AstaTech has completed a continuous flow of featured products and technology with a variety of aromatic chlorides, fatty acid chlorides, especially the use of photocatalytic chlorination with low cost. And the device has pilot test and industrialization capabilities, which is in the leading level.


3.Triphosgene reaction

Phosgene is used as a reagent for various purposes from laboratory to industrial production due to its low cost and high reactivity. Isocyanates, urea, chloro Formate and other compounds can be simply synthesized through phosgene. But phosgene has high toxicity and poses significant safety risks in use.

Continuous flow phosgene reaction technology in AstaTech can significantly improve the safety of industrial production, and some varieties have achieved production capacity of 100 tons and trial production of hundreds of kilograms.



Triphosgene : alkali

Reaction temperature



Reaction time

Kettle type

0.40: 1.5





Continuous flow