Process Safety Lab

Process Safety Lab

Technical Services

Carry out the thermal stability test on the material and evaluate the thermal stability of the material: Evaluate the potential explosion hazard of materials according to the amount of heat release by the decomposition of materials.Analyze how to avoid the decomposition of materials and cause danger.

Perform reaction exothermic test for hazardous processes: Conduct qualitativeor semi-quantitative assessment tests on the safety risks of fine chemical reactions.

Assess the reaction risk and issue a report according to the material thermal stability data and reaction exothermic data.

Propose the optimization suggestions for the processes with higher risk levels to reduce the process risk levels.

Propose corresponding control measures in view of the risks in the process, and provide qualitative analysis for the prevention of the chemical reaction risks involved in production and on R&D.

Test  Capability

The capability to assess the risk level of hazardous processes such as chlorination, hydrogenation, sulfonation and phosgenation.

Reactionheat test

1)      Range of the test temperature: -50℃~170℃;

2)      Range of the test pressure: -1~100bar;

3)     Type of reactant and reactions: Various dangerous gases and dangerous reactions, etc..